Train Your Cat To Use A Cat Scratcher

Despite popular opinion, cats can be trained. Yes, they are independent animals but, like any animal, by using a system of rewards can get them moving in the right direction. cat scratcher

To get example, your cat enjoys to scratch. In the outdoor world, he might find an excellent tree and scratch in the bark. In the indoor world, still left to his own devices, he might choose to use your table lower leg or curtain. You can change this behavior in the house with the right equipment and delicate encouragement (i. e. training, but no longer tell your cat). 

First of all, purchase a cat scratcher or two. If your cat has started scratch in certain areas or places in your house, you will want to retrain her. So you’ll either desire a cat scratcher for every single area or be willing to move it around. The goal is to put the scratcher in the spot the girl was accustomed to itching and get her using the post or equipment you provide rather than your furniture. If your kitty have not scratched anything, it is a great idea to position the scratcher in a place she likes to sleep or play.

The best scratcher to get is the one that offers a rough, natural surface. Various cat scratchers feature sisal, burlap or cedar materials. These are natural areas that will give off a scent attractive to your cat when this individual scratches it.

With your cat nearby, run your fingernails across the hard surface of the scratcher. The noise and activity will get her attention. When you have trouble stirring up her interest, you can try sprinkling catnip on or around the scratcher.

Be sure to prize your cat with compliment (and a goody if you would like) when she uses the kitty scratcher. And, if necessary, you may want to discourage a come back to your furniture with a squirt of a water bottle.

As being a long-time pet owner, Julie is passionate about supporting dog overall wellness. As a plank member of her local rescue league, she recognizes the value proper mental and physical stimulation offers indoor cats in particular.