Top 5 Green Tea Benefits and the Best Way to Make Them Work For You

In case you are anything like me and look for natural ways of increasing your health, then green tea benefits are something you should take notice of right away. Although green tea has been widely used in Asian cultures since centuries, the western world has only recently used notice of this amazing drink. Let’s find away what makes it so special. hOW tO MaKe mANGOsTEEN tEA

The anti oxidants present in this tea, also referred to as Catechins, provide a number of health advantages to us. The top five of those are: 

1) Cancer Prevention – The Catechins are powerful anti – oxidants which help protect the body cells from damage. They play a major role in protecting the body against cancer of the lungs, skin, flat and the colon.

2) Benefits to the center – Green tea benefits include lowering the BAD (bad cholesterol) levels and increasing the HDL (good cholesterol) levels. It also prevents the blocking of arteries and eases the flow of blood through them. Combined together, all of these effects offer protection against heart attacks and strokes.

3) Diabetes control – This tea naturally reduces blood glucose and helps in controlling diabetes. Commence taking this tea in addition to you regular medication and find out how it influences your sugar levels. It can help cause you to less reliant on the harmful drugs which can produce a wide range of side effects eventually.

4) Weight loss – This is a real kicker. This tea actually raises the rate from which you burn fat while training and your resting metabolism too. So you burn up more calories even with the same levels of physical activity and lose weight faster. Want to know the best part is, all this happens without the increase in your heart rate, which often happens if you take diet drugs.

5) Digestive disorders – The oldest and most recognized of all green tea benefits, is the property of this tea to ensure proper digestion of your food. It prevents a myriad of belly ailments and keeps your digestion running smoothly.

Right now, the clear way of getting all these benefits is to start out drinking inexperienced tea daily. The problem is – most people would find it difficult to switch to this tea from their day to day routine of coffee drinking.

So a supplement containing the remove of this tea is a very simple way of getting all their nutrients and beneficial substances. The added advantage is, you will get a supplement that contains other beneficial extracts too away from each other from this tea, and the combined an effect of those would be much larger than taking in just the tea.

Thus go ahead now to see a way to make these green tea supplement benefits work for you.

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