The New Face of “Urban” Clothing

In recent times, a set of young new urban clothing designers has emerged, creating in a lather “urban” clothing, but not necessarily hip-hop clothing which is often linked with the word “urban”. Officially, the term urban means “relating to the city” and these designers create city and street-style urban clothing, shoes and accessories for metropolitan hipsters. Hundreds of these new street brands have popped up in recent years, striving to develop something different than the mass-produced products available in American malls. rap

Some of these brands include WESC (We Are the Outstanding Conspiracy), Obey, tokidoki, Orisue, Hellz Bellz and Low-cost Monday, to name a few. Because they not necessarily mass-produced, these designer goods are priced involving the low-end clothing store prices and high-end designer prices, making them an affordable luxury for the college-age young urban or suburbanite audience they can be marketed to. 

Right now there has even arisen a new genre of clothing store to sell these new designer brands to teenage boys and women. 1 such online clothing store, Karmaloop, was founded it happened in 1999. All their mission statement was “to battle the evil pushes of McFashion in a world populated by Abercrombie and fitch paris Zombies. ” Karmaloop has turned into a very successful company, and has helped to put a number of these up-and-coming new downtown clothing designers on the map. Another such online store, 80’s Purple, was founded in 2004 and has now gained importance. Of course one of the pioneers selling downtown hipster clothing was City Outfitters which has recently been around as a company since the early 70’s.

While styles continue to change, urban and provincial hipsters alike are breaking the older, more proven designer brands often found in upscale malls and flocking to these young, edgy and more trendy up-and-coming designer brands that can most easily be found in online selling boutiques.