The Better Business Bureau; Is it real?

Can the Better Business Bureau have too much electric power? What do you really think of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU? Perhaps you have questioned their sales tactics or questioned their validity? If so you are not alone. House Depot ended up getting up to the extortion tactics of the Better Business Bureau. Why trouble, they are nuts those people.
Numerous of you know the BBB, which is the little spouse of the FTC – Federal Trade Commission often uses extortion techniques to get it’s business users to foot the costs of it’s business and even goes so significantly as to tell such businesses if you do not pay up, we will refer work to someone else. The FTC even has a website link to the BBB and therefore is promoting it is dastardly scheme. Use shock tactics and fear to drive consumers away from the vary businesses who pay their salaries and allow for their lifestyle all in the name of righteousness. Why should Home Depot listen to the BBB and why is it that the BBB can launch a negative campaign in the media against a business that provides jobs, assists with natural disasters and is among the finest success stories of the latter decades? How come? Whose team is the BBB on anyway? 

The BBB has bad information, erroneous databases and frequently the BBB has complaintants who are competition rest about information. Our customers love us, we could good and great at the things we do, we do everything to make them, but when one goes crazy on all of us and they call the BBB because of the atascamiento, that is when We say to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, screw you. Get away of the way. All of us can never allow extortion methods of the government, a competitor or maybe the BBB to attack our great company. Thank god they are not able to tele-market call our country’s small businesses ever again attempting to get them to pay 300 dollars to be in a telephone book that is not distributed to anyone and help us find the same customers we currently have. Besides why would a firm wish to allow another company, in this circumstance the BBB, use their excellent brand name to work with extortion techniques and hypocrisy to signal up other unknowing new small business customer to join their ranks.

Merely listen a little while to their line of BS as they try to anstoß their way into your pocket book. They must be shut down and the FTC ought to catch a clue, they are sleeping with the enemy. An enemy who uses terrorism and extortion techniques to conduct a sales progam. How many possible customers is Joe’s Plumbing going to get as they is a member of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, 1 or 2; and if this individual isn’t they may bad mouth area him. The BBB at some of there office buildings have those voice snail mail hell machines; Press one, Press two, leave a message, email us, go to our internet site at…, never a return call, never a live tone of voice, unless you are paying them to join and then a sales man/woman lies about all the services they provide, this is opinion.

The FTC is afraid to call them onto the carpet and instead uses their small tactics in conjunction to do their dirty work. The BBB is a fraud in my view; only the older group believes it still is short for the same vision it started as. It is not your grandfather’s BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. So what performs this author think the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU stands for? BBB-Bunch of Bull and Baloney? My spouse and i believe the FTC is AFRAID to look into this issue. Any authorities agency which conducts business that way and provides hiding for terrorists against the Fact, Justice and the America Way they claim to protect is also bogus and should get their budget cut into a 1/3 immediately.