Stone Age, Board Game Review

First of all, let’s speak about the basic rules of the game. Stone Age is a worker placement game. Every player starts out with 5 people that can be put in various places on the board in order to gather food, resources, make tools, construct complexes, advance in the meals sequence, produce more people or advance the civilization. Staff are put in yellowish “rings” and each place has 1 to several rings available for employee placement. Acmarket Apk

Each round of the overall game consists of 3 levels:

Players place their personnel on the board. The starting player places one or more staff on a place then the next player, in clockwise order, places some staff and so forth until all players have put all of their people on the board. The number of rings on the plank indicate how many personnel can be put in a specific location. Each player is permitted to place staff only one time per turn in a specific place. 
Players use the actions of their put workers. Players can choose the order through which each action is considered.
Players feed their people. All personnel must be fed with 1 food originating either from standard food production (according to placement in the food track) or stocked food. Food can be filled by hunting in the Hunting Grounds.
The possible places for worker positioning are:

The hunting environment. Here people hunt for food. This is actually the only place where no rings are shown and players may put numerous personnel as they like but bear in mind, only once per switch! Players roll as many dice as the amount of staff placed, during the second phase, and get food equal to the effect of the dice divided by 2 and round down.
Forest, Clay Ditch, Quarry and River. Below people work for wooden, clay, stone and rare metal accordingly. An overall total of 7 personnel can be put here. Players, throughout the second phase, spin several dice as the amount of staff put and receive some the relevant resources equal to a result of the dice divided by 3, 4, 5 or 6 rounded down accordingly.
The Hut. Just a single player can place staff here. 2 people (man+woman) are located here in order to produce extra worker during the second phase.
The Field. Only one staff member can be located here. During the second stage, the participant who put a worker here will advance in the food track 1 space, increasing his food production.
Device maker. Only one member of staff can be put here. He grants the player with an extra tool, used to boost the end result of dice when party resources. Players can use tools in dice going to increase the dice effect by including our value of one or more tools to the consequence, thus creating for a bad roll. Each tool can be used once per round.
Buildings. Players place a single member of staff on any building. During the second phase they will pay some resources to construct the building and you will be given instantaneously some victory points.
Civilization playing cards. Players place a sole worker on any cards. During the second stage they will pay the number of resources shown on the top of the positioning and will be given the card along with an instant bonus (There is one exception of the cards granting 2 resources that can be claimed instantly or later in the game. Each civilization cards gives a bonus that will give victory factors by the end of the game. Cards may reward the player for the number of personnel, tools, buildings, food development or similar cards this individual has.