Some Unusual Yet Fun Stag Weekend Activities

Bored stiff of having the same activities in a best do all the time? You have come to the right place. Below are some great email lists of activities you could attempt for the forthcoming stag weekend. These activities very funny, original and will not blow your budget. This assortment has its own extreme normal water and land sports as well as mild and relaxing activities. activité insolite

Everything to do with dark beer

In the event that you visit some Countries in europe for stag do, you will see this unusual bar on bike. This bicycle is supposed for sightseeing metropolis in a relaxed way while enjoying chilled beer step out of the tiny bar included in the cycle. 

You have done kart sporting, but ever tried a beer keg racing? These types of are modified kegs found on vehicles. Beer sampling is another easy way to taste the local brews and enjoy the weekend.

In motion

Blo karting and hover crafting are excellent alternatives to common racing games. These are extreme and gives you lot more to present of. Great way to set your body in motion is zorbing. Drop down the hill in a huge bubble of PVC. Remember, all the tumbling and turning might make you sick!

Talking of motion, ever considered driving a car a military Tank or a crane or a tractor or a JCB?! Why not include these as your stag activities? A powerful way to experience big machines and take back the best memory of driving a car them.

Extreme sports

Quads and kart mania has fizzled out? Try crushed stone boarding, snowboarding, mountain boarding, trekking, para karting, luging and tobogganing.

Fun arguements

Sumo wrestling can be quite fun. It will be even more fun if all of your lads dress up in inflatable sumo fat suits and wrestle against each other. Maneuvering and planning attack in these suits is going to be bit of a concern, though.

This one is merely for the stag. A pool of wet, smooth clay, two or 3 bikini clad women and 1 stag. Yup, the almost naked mud fumbling is one of the top unusual activities and is available in many European stag destinations such as Bratislava for just one. The stag is pushed in the mud pool and is left to grope his solution of the grips of the slippery women.

Another famous unusual activity is the Human Desk Football. We understand the desk football, but it means FUN when all the lads are strapped on to life sized basketball table and left to play table football! The sport is excellent for the getting older members of the group as well. It will not involve too much work and every person enjoys the game.