Selling Your Fine Jewelry and Diamonds

There are numerous reasons for deciding to sell your unwanted expensive diamonds and superb. You may be seeking emotional release from a broken marriage, needing emergency cash, purchasing or remodeling your home, or updating your earrings for something more popular. ed marshall jewelers

What Is It Worthwhile?

After you opt to sell your fine jewelry, the initial is: What is it worth? This means that, your charms is worth what someone else is willing to pay for doing it. But there is a difference between appraised value and their market value. Most appraisals are not a legitimate indicator of the worth of your earrings or diamonds. You may only get between 10% and 20% of the appraised value. A great appraisal can be given for different reasons. Occasionally, a higher appraisal can be used as an advertising tool by a retailer who would like his customer to believe this individual got a great package. Insurance companies also avoid mind inflated appraisals, because the premiums customers pay are based on the submitted value. If you want an accurate examination of your diamonds or jewelry’s value, have it appraised by an self-employed appraiser that has no interest in it. In terms of diamond jewelry, often appraisals are generally not correct as to the color and clarity. There are no industry guidelines, criteria or government regulations as to the accuracy necessary for describing charms or its value.

Diamond Grading Accreditation

If your diamonds came with a qualification from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, you will be able to get a valid offer over the contact or emailed to you. There are other diamonds grading labs, but GIA is constantly the most accurate. If you are selling a diamonds that is probably worth more than $5000 in addition to two weeks time, you might consider having your precious stone certified by the GIA.

Sell Jewelry Quickly

So where do you go if you wish to sell your charms or diamond jewelry quickly?

Good friends

You might first talk to your friends and family, and see if anyone is considering purchasing your jewelry. Nevertheless , it is not likely you will find a buyer this way, and you could create tension in your camaraderie by disputing the jewelry’s value.

Ad from your Paper

You might also think of inserting an advertisement in your local newspaper. Because of the limited number of potential buyers, it can be difficult to get a qualified customer willing to offer you full market value.


The worst type of destination to sell earrings is a pawnshop. They are in the money loaning business, and in addition they buy all types of gunk. You’ll certainly be offered ten pennies on the dollar if you are lucky. Pawnshops are usually positioned in less than desirable neighborhoods, so you may need to concern yourself for your security.

Retail Jewelry Stores

Found in most areas companies that purchase or take charms on consignment from the public are required to be qualified and controlled by the state and often local police force companies.

However, retail earrings stores have diamonds provided to them on consignment from large diamonds dealers. If they purchase your diamond, they will have to formulate their own cash, so they will offer noticeably less to get it out right.

Online Diamond and Fine Jewelry Potential buyers

If perhaps you look on the world wide web, you will find a number of companies offering to buy your platinum, superb, quality watches, and diamonds online. You can contact these firms by mobile phone or email. They provides you with a épreuve offer depending on the information you provide. After the company receives and evaluates your earrings you are approached with a firm offer. WARNING many of these businesses will give you an unrealistic higher price to get you to send them your earrings and they contact you with a significantly lower price.

Often there is a potential for loss when sending expensive items. In the event you occur to make a decision on one of these companies, find out which carrier they use of course, if the item will be fully covered. The US Postal Program is probably your best choice because they are self insured and your earrings is not insured by an other.