Riding Into a Green Future on a Bicycle

Only weeks after the final speakers wrapped up at the United Nations Environment Change Conference in Copenhagen, the eyes of the world continue to stay focused on ways to lower our carbon impact.

From Berlin to Vancouver, cities are doing many methods from creating bike paths, concluding energy efficiency audits, even building cleaner power plant life, all to counter the threat of global warming up. Cities all around the globe are starting for taking a much longer look at creating at producing alternative sources for general public transportation, including the setting up of new bike routes and trails. www.compteur-velo.com

One example is In Minneapolis, MN. A little over 75 miles of new cycle trails were installed over the past several years to help relieve traffic quickly pull and ease CO2 result during the rush hour traffic jams. According to the cities web-site, these new bike paths bring out cyclists year around, reducing the number of automobiles on the highway during morning and morning rush hours. The city is also encouraging real estate developers to build more housing downtown to end the need for long commutes to suburbia. 

As we progress into the future more metropolitan areas are promoting bicycle driving as an option to over crowded dash hour traffic and an exorbitant release of fatal CO2 into the air during peak rush hour times. In October, the New York City Office of Transportation said, over the past year, the location of recent York has seen a 35% increase in the amount of Bicycling commuters. This has equated to a significant reduction of the lethal green house gases.

Right now there appears to be no question that the bicycle represents just one way that metropolitan areas around the World are trying to step up and help reduce our carbon footprint. You cannot find any better way to cut after CO2 emissions than to leave the car at home. In fact, the bicycle remains the original and ultimate green machine. Give it a try and start pedaling your way back to a cleaner future on your bicycle.