Online Business Plan – Lesson 1 for Online Business Entrepreneurs

Establishing an online business is very easy to do: all you need is appropriate, hosting, a webdesign or a WordPress blog, an autoresponder and some cash to promote. business consulting

The topic or niche you select is determined by your passion that you want to share with the world. As soon as you chose your niche for your website, you need to decide which one of many available business models – and there are as many models around as Internet & Internet marketers you would like to use. 

This preliminary challenge will keep you busy for quite some time – I even dare to say that your first 6 to 9 months will fit to this first period of your website plan. And you have to think about this learning phase in your plan.

The next period will be to give attention to creating good and valuable content. Content is everything you leave on the Internet. It ranges from blog posts to twitter updates, shares, articles and products. During your second period you should endeavor to find your own little spot within your chosen niche. Think of that you should develop yourself into the Go-To-Guy (or Girl) for 1 particular question within your topic.

The 3rd phase will actually be already part of operating your web business. So your Organization Plan for your web adventure is divided into 3 parts:

Choose market and initial set up plus learning the guidelines of Internet Marketing
Make good and valuable content and share it around
find your final place in your Niche and set up yourself as the Go-To-Person.
Contrary to Business Plans for brick-and-mortar businesses, the plan for your web business is slightly different. You don’t have to define your 5 season strategy, don’t define your business processes and all the human-, technical- and product development resources you will need.

You could define this right from the start but I actually dare say that this procedure would be a complete overkill for your online business idea and robbed you instantly of your motivation that you’ll need for your first six to 9 months.

Alternatively than writing a ‘commonly known’ business plan for your online business, choose to give attention to planning your marketing campaigns: Return on Investments and Break-Even Measurements are your focal items of interest while working your Online Business.

Organizing your web Journey this way enables you to stay flexible to different methods of doing business online, but makes a stable management tool for getting your financial success.