Mobile Detailing Environmental Concern in the Deep South

Macon, GA goes after garage-gas station conversion detail/hand car washes for allowing tornado drain pollution. I can remember a time when we were in the Macon GA. we ceased and talked to be head of the DEP and showed them pictures of folks polluting after someone complained about the company we knew it was certainly a competitor. They seemed at the images and then looked us in the eyes and said “we do not need any problems around here, you must be from someplace else are you from California? ” we said yes, we were from California, but that makes no difference, because you are not allowed to pollute anywhere in this country no matter where you are because the NPDES permits requires that you follow EPA laws and regulations. rv detailing chula vista
We’re able to see how someone who would not stick up for their rights might get in serious problems there. We all are the car rinse guys and we do not deal with baloney. They will left us alone after that, but when we went back two several weeks later we noticed little or nothing had changed. What we witnessed was water jogging down the storm drain coming from detail outlets. One street had several shops on it. Certainly not only was it a waste of water, but also a waste involving. We were also quite alarmed to see the employees of these companies using Acid for tires and other chemicals on the driveways of these shops while it happened to run into the gutter down the street into the storm drain not even a quarter mile from the river. The guy we talk to made an appearance to be frightened of all of us because we were from out-of-town and looked like there were our take action together. He also seemed over and fearful that we might cause a legal action, which we would have. After reading this article and considering back to That Getting together with and exactly how our employee believed who worked for our franchisee at the time. It seems to myself there is a real problem in all small towns, but in Macon, Georgia it is even worse that individuals could have expected.

If you are going to get started on a mobile detailing business or carwash you may want to read the area first and see what sort of environmental adjustment you are up against, as many of these folks do not always realize how mobile cleansing companies do something. Anything to think about.