MIUI – Android ROM Review

For those who have rooted your Android telephone, you could be curious about boasting a new ROM. In this review, I will offer you a rundown of how MIUI stacks up. Download Android ROM

In the last 6 several weeks roughly, I have tried out almost every ROM available for my HTC Et?. There are plenty of of them away there, and quite a few good ones. Just before you commence losing desire for this story because to be able to an Evo, many ROM’s are compatible with a number of different mobile phones. Even though MIUI is running on my THE NEW HTC Evo, you likely will be able to set up it on your cellphone should you choose to do so. 

For anybody still new to rooting and flashing, I will provide a review for MIUI along with a few general set up instructions. This article presumes that you have obtained root, and then you happen to be ready to flash a new ROM.

MIUI-Review Unit installation Ease

Because you must set up MIUI first, I will start there. The down load and installation is very easy. This kind of is pretty standard for many ROM’s. You go to the website for the download, download the RANGE OF MOTION onto your root file, and flash. This RANGE OF MOTION has its origins in the Far East, so much of the RANGE OF MOTION is not in Uk. That is why you would also download and install the language bunch from the website right after the ROM. Avoid worry about getting baffled right now; directions will follow at the end of the content.

*One thing I DID notice however is that if you are coming from a Sense ROM, (Evo, Amazing, Hero, Desire, Legend, MyTouch, Inspire, Shift, Thunderbolt, and so on. ) MIUI must be installed from day one with no restore of settings.

What does that mean? To avoid problems, it is best to sync your contacts to Google, and restore your programs from industry. If you absolutely have to bring back from Ti Backup or any other backup app, ensure you avoid restore ANY settings from Sense. They do not play well with MIUI.


I think We have ADD for my phone. I have to replace the appearance of my phone every so often to keep myself from getting bored with the style. MIUI is by far the best RANGE OF MOTION for folks who like to change it up. In the event you want a fresh look to your telephone, MIUI is perfect for you. About the other hand, if you are coming from an iPhone, you might feel right at home, or perhaps you might hate it.

Main point here: The MIUI standard layout looks similar to the iPhone layout. This is very simple, and lacks an iphone app cabinet just like the i phone. Even though it appears like the iphone, it is by far the most customizable ROM for Android os, and if you avoid like the default design, you can adjust it.

For what reason MIUI is much better: The real iPhone lacks customization. With MIUI, you can mount widgets to your computer system, set live wallpapers, or even set a complete new MIUI theme. The launcher within MIUI enables you to change almost everything about just how it appears in a matter of a few touches on the screen.


Occasionally, when you install a new ROM, you will find that there are weak spots in the performance. Sometimes you get lots of force closes, or the screen gets choppy while switching between home screens. MIUI will do a great job here, as these problems do not show up if you do not did a poor job of restoring.

MIUI-Ease of Routing

The course-plotting through this ROM is very simple. Chances are it is a lttle bit different from what you could be used to, but it does not take long to learn your way around.


The MIUI community is very responsive. Their discussion boards are populated by programmers and users alike. I’ve posted many questions on the forums, and often received multiple replies in a matter of an hour or two. A lot better, the forum software is pre-installed within the ROM, in order soon as you boot your phone, you can commence posting right from your handset.


This RANGE OF MOTION is and has recently been my ROM of choice for a couple of months now. The layout is easy and attention catching, sharp and clean. With the language bunch installed, the menus are super easy to find their way. There are several tools that can come pre-installed including the MIUI forum iphone app (for when you have questions) as well as Torch (flashlight) and Theme Manager. In the event you like to change the look of your entire phone whenever you want, you will love this ROM.