Memorial Jewelry As A Sympathy Gift

Initially thought, the idea of offering charms as a sympathy surprise may seem to be somewhat inappropriate. For the most part, we are likely to associate gifts of earrings with happy situations such as engagements, wedding events, anniversaries, and birthdays. How come then would consideration of earrings as a gift idea to commemorate a sad occasion, including the death of a beloved, be given? Cremation Glass Jewelry

The simple answer is the simple fact we give earrings to express our love and respect for a person. Whether it is a surprise to a wife for a golden anniversary party, or to the widow that has just lost her husband, a tasteful and dignified surprise of funeral charms can be a lasting tribute which will be appreciated by the recipient. 

The giving of memorial earrings has a long background. Necklaces bearing carvings of the cross, mourning bands inscribed with the deceased’s dates of birth and death, and also anklet bracelets or lockets containing hair of hair are but some of the items given as memorial earrings in years past. In today’s world, the memorial service charms choices are a lttle bit more refined, but nevertheless provide comfort and remembrance to people left behind.

One of the advantages in giving memorial earrings is the many styles to choose from:

Simple Cross Necklace – The cross necklace, perhaps the most popular of all memorial earrings presents, permits the wearer to embrace the continuous prompt of God’s love and promise of eternal life.

Wedding Ring Memorial Pendant – Rather than have the deceased’s a wedding ring sit down in a corner of a charms box collecting dust particles, this necklace allows the symbol of the happy marriage to be organised near the heart of the surviving spouse.

Lockets – Lockets allow for keeping of an appreciated image of the lost one. A memorial locket pendant is an easy, yet dignified surprise that is treasured by the grieving.

Bracelets and Charms- Possibly engraved with a religious message or individualized with the name of the departed, a gift idea of the stylish bracelet would be a welcome surprise that could be worn to live up too the deceased.

Cremation Charms – An increasing and popular trend is toward use of cremation charms. These pieces have small cavities within the au cours de that could be filled with a tiny portion of the deceased’s ashes. While a special and thoughtful present, it is of the utmost importance that the giver be aware of the religious beliefs of the grieving. Some beliefs specify that cremation ashes need to be buried or entombed in a suitable textbox. The separation or spreading of the ashes is prohibited.