Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures

Light a space involves a number of things from the light bulb to the light placement and of course, design for the fixtures. It can be a daunting task attempting to find the right fixtures for any given space, whatever your style may be. Here are a few basic tips and tricks how to shop for and find the perfect lamps, threshold fixtures and any other light fixture for your home. handmade lighting fixtures

Light Top quality

It is important to remember that top quality light fixtures will produce the same light quality as a lower quality light fixture; because the light quality is contained totally in the light light itself and never the permanent fixture. Therefore, when you are shopping, may be fooled by statements that state that their light fixture will produce better light than another, cheaper light fixture. In the event that you are using the same lamp, the light will be the same.

Another factor of quality is how you actually use the fixture to light the area. If you opt for several down lights rather than by using a blend of lamps and other fixtures, you may find that your space seems rather oppressive rather than warm and welcoming. Whilst it’s okay to use recessed lights and other downlight fixtures, make certain to mix these fixtures with others, such as lights or wall sconces, to truly create a warm, pleasing space.

Color Quality

The moment choosing bulbs for your fixtures, make certain to choose the same color quality for every single light fixture. What this means is having the same type of bulb for each and every permanent fixture. Mixing different bulbs can cause uneven or unusual looking lighting, which is a major no-no when light a space.

Fixture Top quality

When you handle the sunshine fixture, does it feel strong and well made or are you afraid you’re going to dent it or break it, or damage it in some other way? If you feel that the fixture is low quality, decide on a higher quality fixture instead. Inferior fittings may be cheaper, but they’ll need to be replaced sooner and furthermore, are often relatively difficult to maintain.


Discussing about maintenance, take that into mind when shopping for your light fixtures. In the event you’re not prepared to position the maintenance into the fixture, then you will want to opt for a piece that is less maintenance. For illustration, that crystal chandelier might look grand and will fit your space correctly, but it may require routine cleaning of the crystals to ensure they stay bright and fancy. If you’re willing to clean each and every individual crystal, you may want to opt for a different fixture, such as one with fewer crystals, that will take up less of your time.

U. L. List, Dimmer Control plus more

Have note of what the U. L. listing is for any given light fixture you decide on. This kind of is especially true when shopping for outdoor accessories or for fixtures for your bathroom. You’ll want a fixture that is U. L. damp or wet listed for certain outdoor spaces, just as you’ll want these same listings on bathroom accessories.