Laying Vinyl Flooring Over Vinyl Flooring

This week we went up against a little multi day work. We spent the day laying vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring. Which can be dubious to get right however with the correct data and techniques, any do-it-without anyone else’s help er and mortgage holder can go up against a vocation like this with certainty. As dependably I will list all devices and materials you should lay vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring. pisos santa maria


Your new vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring glue (we utilized a releasable weight touchy glue from Chap-co)

Skim coat

Complete nails

caulking(try and coordinate the shade of your ground surface)

Blue painters tape

If not reusing old baseboard and limits your should buy new


Extremely sharp steel (snare cutting edge and standard edge)

Mallet and level bar

Brick work Trowel


Complete nail gun(hammer and nail set will likewise work)

Miter Saw(not vital if reusing old embellishment)

Paint brush and roller(if utilizing releasable weight delicate glue, with a few cements you will require a 1/8 scored tile trowel to spread your paste, dependably make a point to peruse and adhere to the producers guidelines on holder)

Caulking weapon

2×4 enclosed by cover or a towel

Being a mortgage holder you will doubtlessly possess these devices. If not, you can get them at your neighborhood handyman shop and not need to stress as you will have the capacity to utilize any of these recorded devices on numerous occasions.

1. Right off the bat and most clearly you should get out the zone. On the off chance that its your kitchen it is in every case best to evacuate your fridge and stove to run the deck under them.

2. Utilizing your sledge and level bar, it’s an ideal opportunity to evacuate any base board embellishment or quarter round trim from around the edges of your floor. In the event that you are going to just reuse your old trim try not to break any of your pieces as your evacuating them. Seeing as your running with a fresh out of the plastic new floor I would propose supplanting all the trim. It depends how beat up the old embellishment is and your financial plan.

3. Assess your floor. Search for air pockets and free territories. Utilizing your extremely sharp edge, w/a standard edge, cut out and expel these terrible territories.

4. Vacuum the floor of all soil and flotsam and jetsam to keep it out of your skim coat.

5. Presently it’s a great opportunity to skim coat the floor. We utilized a Henry 547 Universal Patch and Skim Coat. This skim coat essentially gets blended with water. Adhere to the directions on the bundle of whatever skim coat you utilize. On the off chance that you are filling in zones where it will be thicker you will need to fill those territories with a thicker blend. Utilizing your stone work trowel, spread the skim coat over the whole floor. This will fill in the zones you expected to expel and in addition any surface in the current vinyl. Regardless of whether you don’t have to remove any regions, your new vinyl will suck up tight to the old ground surface so much that you will see the surface of the old floor come through to your new floor. This is an important advance and is the thing that makes laying vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring conceivable.

6. Wrap it up, you’re improved the situation around 14-18 hours relying upon to what extent your skim coat item needs to set and dry.

7. Since your skim coat has dried. Review the surface. Utilizing your trowel rub off any dribbles or any lines you exited. The way to the skim coat is to get it impeccably level as could be allowed.

8. Vacuum the whole floor altogether. Any garbage you leave on your floor will be seen through the new vinyl.

9. Presently the time has come to remove your new vinyl flooring. There are a couple ways you should need to handle this. You can essentially take estimations and draw a graph for yourself to pursue. Another route is to get a move of development paper, spread it out and cut yourself an example. Whichever way you do this you have to make a point to leave a decent 2 inches the distance around. The snare sharp edge works extraordinary for removing your new floor. In the event that you are utilizing a felt supported vinyl you should make alleviation compromises of your new deck. You will likewise need to tape these corners with blue painters tape to strengthen them. Felt upheld vinyl is weak. It will break and tear on you particularly in those corners. On the off chance that you are utilizing a sheet vinyl item you won’t need to stress over this.