Improve Technology ROI: Focus on People

Buzzwords are great. They give us a reason to nod our heads, work like we are paying attention, and then completely ignore issues without supplying them a second thought. As long as we use buzzwords we show up (if just to ourselves) to know what’s going on and are on top of the challenge in front of you. Most likely the greatest part of working in technology is that our company is never at a loss for buzzwords, or for meetings by which to use them. fusionex founder

3 of the greatest buzzwords in the tech area are “People, Process, and Technology”. Add in a few other favorites, such as “alignment, ” “change, ” “culture, ” and… well, you get the idea. While these words are more ubiquitous in a technology discussion than fish are in the sea, they are often overlooked, misunderstood, and generally ignored. This is dangerous. 

Looking over the surroundings of the IT rendering we realize that the bulk of activities are concentrated on process and technology. We spend tremendous quantities of time and work defining business processes and specifying functional system requirements. We focus a huge amount of time building and testing the technology. Therefore almost all of the people relating to it projects are specialists in strategy, process, and technology.

So what is missing? Look closely. Do you notice most our activities, and the vast majority of the team’s skills, are focused on aligning process and technology? So what happened to our first buzzword, “People”? Do we just nod our mind and forget to consider our people – the way we can move them (that is, align them) with the process and technology? Exactly what does it mean to align individuals with process and technology?

Aligning People

To get some, aligning people means providing training so employees know how to use the machine. Others say you need to incorporate communications to align their people. Several advanced organizations even prolong their efforts to add umschlüsselung out changes to job descriptions and responsibilities.

When these are all important activities to help achieve alignment of individuals, process and technology, they don’t actually help us understand what alignment is. Of course, if you don’t really know what it is, how do you know when you have managed to get?

Alignment only occurs once your people, process and technology all perform together in a symbiotic relationship that gives the desired results. Those use the technology. The individuals follow the process. They key here is that the people must actually use the technology and the people must actually follow the process. This requires people, EVERY of the people, change their behavior to achieve the desired results.

Target on Behavior Change to Improve ROI

“Did this individual just say our technology project needs to give attention to changing people’s behavior? We thought we were employing technology, not disciplining children or providing group remedy. What is all this behavior talk anyway? inch