Homes For Sale in Chandler Arizona

The town of Chandler, Arizona opened by Dr. A. T. Chandler. He was the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona. It grew as an agricultural community in early 1900’s. The main crops were cotton, grain and alfalfa. Farmers in the area also brought up cattle, sheep and ostriches. By 1950, the location got grown so much it reached the status of City. The population progressed to 30000 in 80. Based on the current census the population has reached 238500, rendering it the 5th most significant city in Arizona. Chandler has come quite a distance from its early farming beginnings to become a growing professional city centered around high tech business. top beverly hills real estate agents

The growth in the area can largely be ascribed to modern companies that contain made the region home. The major employer in metropolis is Intel with 9700 high tech jobs. You will find other tech companies like Freescale Semiconductors, Microchip Technology and Orbital Sciences. These companies has pushed the typical income for Chandler to $70500. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are also large employers in the city. 

There are 95000 housing units in an incorporated area of 70 square miles. Down-town Chandler area has it is own entry level homes that were made from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. There was another growth spurt in the 80’s. More recently as high paying tech careers moved in it added million dollar homes to the mix. There is any kind and beauty of home for deal in Chandler so that you can choose from. Whether you are buying condo, townhouse, entrance level home or exclusive mansion you can find all this in Chandler.

Chandler, like almost all of the Phoenix, az metro area, saw great growth in the early on 2000’s. Along with that came rapid price understanding led by easy credit. Prices of Homes easily obtainable in Chandler shot up into unsustainable levels and lender created risky loan products that buyers could manage. Unfortunately, this led to the mortgage crisis that we are currently working our way out of. 2005 was the yr that everything came ramming down. Values started to fall as foreclosures commenced to increase. Many owners found themselves upside down as property values chop down below what they due on their homes. Loan company are now leaning more towards short sales to assist homeowners who must pay back more that their home is worth and are experiencing difficulty making their payments. Since the banking companies are working with homeowners more and not foreclosing inventory has gone down in Chandler. There is currently a 2-3 month supply of virginia homes in Chandler. We are seeing multiple offers on many properties and ideals have begun to go up slightly.

The location of Chandler has many amenities to offer its resident. You will find the Tumbleweed park which also houses to the twelve-monthly Ostrich Festival and Veterans Remanso Park that is a bird sanctuary that has many interesting classes. The Mesquite Groves Aquatic service is a great destination to cool off on hot summer days. There exists a huge water play structure and lazy river therefore you can beat the heat. The shopping enthusiast can enjoy the luxuries of the Chandler Fashions Square Shopping mall.