Email Marketing – Will the Good Old Way Fade Away?

Removed are the Good old days of writing…

Ever before wondered what happened to the Classic English in this era of text messages and tweeting? There was a time when we used to rely greatly on the postal method of communication, the good old letters and telegrams. Then we became clever and devised ways to ensure these communications went faster and taken to light speed posts and courier services. How could the ground breaking human stop there? telegram members

The quest for the new and better continuing and it gave labor and birth to fax and email communication style with the punch-word being ‘instant communication’. E-mails were lengthy and descriptive with demonstration of excellent punctuations, spellings and grammar. Soon we developed to swift one-liner emails and the morning and time of today when themes like Text-Messaging (SMS) and Tweets (twitter. com) guideline the roost. With this dramatized opening i want to come straight at the attention that I want to share through my article today. Excellent old mail marketing at risk of its demise thanks to the growing use of social media platforms? 

The impact and fruitfulness of e-mail marketing should not be challenged for the simple reason that it is the most effective way of calling your targeted audience and one of the better ways of direct marketing. Nevertheless , with more and more companies deploying marketing strategies through popular sociable media platforms such as Facebook and twitter major has shifted from e mail marketing campaigns. It is true that social mass media appears more interactive as compared to e-mail marketing services campaigns and rather than talking at customers (e-mail marketing), talks with them (social media). However, all this no way a barometer of added business which should eventually be the goal of any online marketing strategy.

In conclusion, My spouse and i would like to stress after the fact that the good and the old should both be retained and judiciously added too a marketing plan. Social media marketing and e-mail marketing can both co-exist and produce being successful results for an corporation. What say folks?