Don’t Use Your Jacks to Stand On, But Do Use Them!

Hi there and welcome back to our short series on auto mechanic tools for the newly interested weekend warrior auto mechanic. In previous articles we protected some fundamental tools a new upstart auto technician will want to have in their tool collection. In the current article I’m going to cover jack stands. They are the most under used tool that I understand. I spend a whole lot of time discussing basic safety with new mechanics because I have seen a lot of men and women get injure over time because they performed not follow some basic guidelines supposed to protect them. One of those recommendations is safety equipment, specifically jack stands and tyre blocks.

Most hobbyist vehicle mechanics that I speak to or see no longer use jack stands. This is certainly a real mistake. Many of the people We realize simply use their hydraulic jack to lift up your vehicle, and then leave it there to support it. Unfortunately, not only can a car decrease a jack if pulled with enough contentration, but I’ve seen hydraulic ports fail and suddenly fail. I cannot express the amount of you do not want to be under a vehicle if that was to happen. 

In addition, jack stands permit you to safely lift both factors of the vehicle without having to “Balance” it on a single turns point in the midst of the car. This is another thing I’ve seen some individuals doing that basically makes myself wonder. Will not use a jack in the central of your car or truck to lift up it, and additional more don’t then allow car balance on the plug while you are under it. Use jack is an abbreviation for on either side of the vehicle to back up it and give it a good nudge to make certain they are really supporting it fully.

Jack port stands are a must have item if you plan on working on your car. They typically cost around $20 to $30 and you should save that the first time you need to correct your car from below it. Make absolutely certain that the jack stands have a safety pin or anything at all else of safety get that will prevent the stands from slipping down while you’re utilizing it.