Do You Want Your Hammock Stand To Rot?

Repairing your new hammock stand might not exactly be as challenging as you thought it would be. You will find simply a few simple things that need to be done in order to expand the life of your hammock stand and the investment that you have made. The first and the main step is to examine your stand before relaxing in it. Discovering early signs of wear and tear will be the greatest defense to your investment. Remember your stand is manufactured out of wood. As time passes the sunlight will wear on the complete appearance of any real wood whether it is a hammock stand or a wooden deck. In either case, the wood will have to be cared for. free standing hammock

Wooden Stands

With respect to the climate in which you live, you will want to do some light sanding and simple wood treatment. Drier climates, which receive more sunlight, will require more frequent wood treatment. Bear in mind when sanding to apply sandpaper along the real wood grain. For anyone who is sanding on a regular basis a high number grit newspaper is best. After an even smooth finish has been achieved, it is necessary to now treat the wood. There are plenty of items on the market for wood treatment. Linseed petrol is most often advised for cypress wood however, I often use Thompson’s Water Seal. 

If your wooden stand is kept together by bolts, avoid forget to take it apart and treat the wood that is not exposed. Probably, it will not appear to be as bleached from the sun as the wooden that comes in immediate contact with sunlight however, water and other physical weathering can get started to erode. Providing occasional treatment in all of the areas will expand the life span and the look of your wooden hammock stand.

Metal Stands

Just like wooden stands, metal sticks also have to be maintained and treated on a regular basis. An easy inspection of all bones and junctions before you lay down to relax will help a whole lot. When it comes to anything metal and consumes an extended time frame exterior, keeping a close vision to rust is extremely important.

I would recommend the light sanding at least once every six several weeks in extreme climate areas. After all rust places and scratches have recently been removed use a high quality metal outdoor coloring to seal and lengthen the life of your hammock stand. There are numerous types of paying out there that are available. A few of the paint can be applied with a paintbrush, while other pain can be sprayed. That is just a matter of preference as long as you are by using a high quality outdoor paint made for metal make sure you have done a realistic alternative of removing all corrosion.

A note about protection, it is quite important to examine for cracks prior to painting. Painting can conceal cracks and cracks can lead to accidents. If you find cracks in your metal hammock stand contact a distributor immediately. Typically times your brand-new hammock stand will come with a guaranty. Remember the supplier wants you to be happy very safe. The last thing they’re looking for a few negative blogs.

Anyway, after some bit of light arm grease and an enthusiastic eye your hammock stand should last for years.