Difference Between an Application and an App

For most people, an application and an software both are the same, but there are certain variations between the two. Applications are controlled over a desktop and simply cannot be run using a mobile platform; whereas, an software can managed with mobile telephones. It can also run on desktops, but is specifically created for mobiles and tablets. There are particular features that differentiate a software from an app. They may be as uses: whatsapp questions and answers game


Applications are large in memory plus they are competent of handling huge sums of data. They are really competent of doing many jobs. Whereas applications are of less memory and can manage only a moderate amount of information. An application is designed to perform only a specific task. A few examples of applications are Open Office, photo-shop, browsers associated with software are Easy Office, WhatsApp, Angry Wild birds. 


Applications are created to operate on heavy operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple OS (OS X) and Ubuntu that is to say, they can be operated only on computer system operating systems. However, software are specifically designed to operate on light mobile functioning systems like Android, iOS and Windows seven phone OS.

Software can run not only on mobiles and tablets, but also on a desktop provided, naturally, that the desktop OS supports those apps. Applications can run only on desktops and laptops however, not on mobile phones and tablets.


Applications will have full features and they can be used for accomplishing an array of tasks. For example, if we take Firefox internet browser application, it is able of doing different duties like opening websites, participating in videos in websites, displaying maps and stocks.

Software, on the other side, have limited functionality and can accomplish only a single task which is why they are designed. Different programs are designed to perform different individual tasks like participating in YouTube videos, showing shares maps. For example, WhatsApp can provide only for messaging for which it is designed.


Applications are priced much higher compared to those of software because applications are advanced and are capable of performing intensive and an array of tasks. Whereas programs will not cost much as they are extremely basic in design and are made for performing specific simple duties. Many software are available free of cost.