Customer Acquisition Through Custom Landing Pages

Superb love/hate relationship with internet shopping. I love being able to type in the things i want and buy it in simply a few steps. I despise when I have to jump through hoops to access, or even find, the shopping cart.

Being in the Internet marketing field makes me intensely critical of ecommerce Sites. It can truly amazing how few companies do it right. It truly is fairly easy to type something into Yahoo and land at the appropriate product page in the natural results. What confounds me is how companies pay to be in the sponsored results but never seem to be to deliver me where I actually want to be. land acquisition

To get example, I was lately buying DKNY coat so I typed it into Google. Out from the top 5 paid search results, just one of them actually got me to a web page with DKNY coats on them. 

That one site was Nordstrom. com. This provided pictures of 6th coats and when My spouse and i clicked on one, it went right to a website where I could add it to my shopping cart. Obviously Nordstrom recognizes customer acquisition. The others need to go back again to pay-per-click 101.

It can not simply pay-per-click that so many companies damage; it can online advertising in standard. What seems like common sense to me, few marketing people grasp: the idea of custom touchdown pages.

Once i develop a marketing campaign intended to take someone to a Web page, I create an unique page designed especially for that advertising campaign. This landing page is a stand-alone page to which I send my customers that drives them to action. It finds specific audiences and leads them directly to a sale, or when necessary, directs them deeper into my site.

It’s not rocket science. It’s not even brain surgery. It can a simple customer obtain engine.

To take them There

Various marketing methods such as search engine optimization, banner ads, special offers, direct mail, email, tv set and print advertising probably should not lead customers to your home page. Oftentimes home pages have too many options and no clear path to follow.

A squeeze page is a more effective promotion than a regular Web page since it is specifically designed to highlight one or a few products or services. It is typically more focused than other World wide web pages. At their most basic level, landing pages provide limited information with two options: “buy now” or “learn more. ”

The Call to Actions

The singular purpose of a landing page is to make someone do something.
The primary proactive procedure is to buy now (or sign up, or whatever you decide causes “conversion”). This receives excellent real estate and a prominent graphical treatment on the squeeze page.

The supplementary action to find out more is slightly less noticeable, but is still highlighted somehow on the page. This streamlines the conversion process, allowing those customers who are ready to buy to action and providing individuals consumers who need more information with the time they want.