Conducting an Investigation on a Dishonest Employee

The line and nightclub industry can be a hard business environment to deal with. With extremely extended stays, guests who are intoxicated at times and bartenders who may steal from you this business is not for the week at heart.

As our economic climate has shifted over the past 1. 5 years, employee theft has increased. This is correct for retail, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and resorts. Just how you handle the sincerity issue will determine a number of things. Private detective Singapore

First it will determine the message you send in front of large audiences working at your establishment. In the event that an owner or manager will not take appropriate disciplinary action, pursue criminal prosecution or seek restitution the other employees will not link consequences to actions of integrity. 

Next, if you don’t set a president you could be setting yourself on with future litigation. Some new managers take the first offense lightly and may put an employee on probation or even postponement, interruption. Sometimes this occurs because they do not have the level of data to terminate, prosecute or seek restitution. The next time this occurs in the establishment with another employee plus they take a more aggressive avenue, they could be subject to litigation if they do not protect themselves.

Finally, with internal theft it is much like having a severe termite concern at your home. In the event that you do not treat the challenge and then treat the remainder of the home you will find yourself with termites again and often more severe then before. Make certain that the analysis that is conducted in thorough and this everyone included is put to work.

An internal investigation is initiated usually off of suspicion. A co-worker, consumer or person in management observes behaviors that are suspect or unusual. The first rule of any analysis is to insure complete confidentiality. The aspect of surprise is important so if everyone should know there is an investigation the supposed employee will probably stop doing the suspected activity and resort to another type of theft therefore so that it is more difficult to catch. In addition, if it is reveled you happen to be doing an investigation on bartender “Pat” who works the late shift and he / she finds out they could hold you dependable for slander or defamation of character. Keep in mind that the investigation will show the game beyond any doubt and until you have completed the investigation all you have is suspicious patterns.

An investigation can take many angles on a situation. For example some investigations require the assembly of a covert camera system over an area you believe the shady behavior is taking place, like the register. These types of covert cameras are often wireless and are registered on a Digital Online video Recorder (DVR). You are able to record greatly more data with a huge DVR device and may need to worry about compromising the investigation by switching out tapes every night.

Some investigations use undercover operatives or private detectives who serve as patrons and watch the suspected bartender’s activity. They will can take observation remarks on a PDA or “Smart Phone” like a blackberry and appear to anyone watching them as a patron who maybe text messaging or giving an answer to email. These undercover agents can conduct integrity outlets as well. Sometimes the undercover operative can wear a wireless camera concealed on their person. Digital cameras are incredibly small and can be hidden discreetly in a hat, tie or eye glasses without other people noticing.

Another tool used during an analysis is exception based coverage. This tool is motivated off the POS or register system and can calculate trends. For example if you have a bartender who is robbing by ringing up diet cokes, you can run a report to show diet coke sales of most bartenders. If the thought bar tender has step up 50 times more diet cokes than the average, this supports your hypothesis. Exception reports are a valuable tool when looking at thefts that occur at the save.

As soon as the investigation is came to the conclusion you have to be able to deduce what is happening, who will be involved, an estimation of loss and the method where the loss was triggered. The next phase is to have the worker interviewed.

Interviewing and revendication techniques are a discovered skill and anyone who is certified should be able to conduct the interview for you. Generally the same individual who performs the investigation conducts the interview simply because they are most familiar with the situation. Throughout the interview, the investigator will have the employee complete a handwritten statement and work out restitution. As a bar or nightclub owner or manager you’re going to be contacted as to weather or not the investigation should be referred to the local police for criminal prosecution and this will be mainly determined by how much evidence, quality of affirmation and severity of the larceny.