Big Data – A Big Opportunity to Promote Charity

Each time someone accesses a web page and clicks on a link, they leave a digital fingerprint signing up all their online activities. If this trail is multiplied by the amount of users globally, the result is an amazingly high number. fusionex founder

The amount of data that is produced daily by this action – interacting on the Web – is called Big Data. Consequently, the key international organizations manage large numbers of gigabytes of information from their clients, providers, companies operations, etc. In 2011, the McKinsey Global Institute conducted a review related to the climb of data traffic at an international level. Regarding to this report, 6500 petabytes of data (6, 500 million gigabytes) was made and stored in 2010. And what’s more, the study shows that this rate will increase 40% annually, lead by North America and European countries. 

Basically, Big Data is an idea that makes reference to an explosion of data whose size is hard to manage for most software tools employed by companies to capture, process and distribute data. In truth, Big Data is a new digital asset that is increasing incessantly and uncontrollably inside our hyper-connected world, and we need new complex tools to process it.

Fortunately, management software companies have found the way to discover these needs and have developed satisfactory solutions that allow organizations to stand away from the competition by easily managing their data in the right place and time.

When studying the concept of Big Data, experts speak about the ‘3 Vs’ – Amount, Variety and Velocity – which are now generally regarded as being the key features of this enormous bulk of digital data. Other specialists, however, point towards a fourth characteristic: the Sixth v of Value, which recognizes the value of gaining business advantage from the obtained information so that organizations can base their decisions on reliable data and, through this method, better understand what their clients actually need.

Taking Big Data to the next level: collaboration

Big Info Technology should not just be applied to the business sector, but it can even be extremely within areas of cooperation. In this circumstance, the V of Worth would not just be an economical value – identified by economists as the “new gold” – but it would also be charitable. This means that if we were to take full good thing about the potential proposed by Big Info management tools for schools and research centers, between others, they will complement a great number of jobs, which may finally be successful. In other words, a great global wealth could be obtained, with Big Data technology helping people at an international range.

Currently, every area of society is “infected” by an uncontrollable increase in data, but some areas are more vulnerable than others. For this reason, areas such as health-related, research centers and services for combating organized offense could greatly reap the benefits of Big Data technology.

For illustration, global and international planning of Big Data technology in countries where unlawful investigations or relevant technological investigations are being conducted could be used to create IT platforms for cross-referencing data in current. This way, both experts and governmental forces will work in the same way as they base their investigations on the same data.

Another example of areas in which Big Data technology can play an essential role in promoting cooperation is health care. This concept is mostly called ‘digital health’ and it focuses on managing patients’ data to create figures. Likewise, in countries where digitalized patient histories do not exist, different treatments could be copied and distributed to build valid treatment models that could be applied to patients with out a diagnosis.