Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Bathroom

It does not matter whether you have a huge home or a tiny home. Your bathroom is one of the rooms you should invest in as many luxurious fixtures and amenities as you can. Prescott bathroom remodel

Why A Bathroom is Worth Going Big

The bathroom can be a haven, a place where you take long soaks in the tub at the end of tedious days at work. Purpose enough why a bathroom remodel is one of the better things you can do for you and your home. 

On top of that, bathroom remodeling gives you an 80% to 90% return on investment if you ever decide to sell your home. If it’s a partial update or a complete change, a bathroom remodel is one worthwhile project you should seriously consider purchasing.

Deciding on the Opportunity of the Bathroom Redesigning Project

The moment you start on your bathroom remodeling project, it can cause either one of two things: you will that gleaming, tiled paradise of a bathroom you’ve always wished for to have or you’ll wrap up having a half-assembled mess of old and new bathroom fixtures. To prevent the second scenario, you should decide on the opportunity of your bathroom redecorating project before you start anything.

Depending on your budget, the span of time you have, and the size of your bathroom and its particular current state, you have several options for remodeling your bathroom:

Alternative 1. Do a surface-level bathroom remodeling. This is an option once your bathroom fixtures, the knobs on the faucets and so on, are still in good condition but your bathtub and/or your bathtub stall is looking a little shabby. When which the case, a surface-level bathroom remodeling can give you the feeling of a whole new bathroom, with no price draw. It’s a great task to take on if you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul just yet. The rule of thumb to follow here is, “Cover, don’t replace. ” Alternative adds to the time and costs of any renovate because you’re paying to have what’s there already removed. Covering uses the structure of what’s already there and simply offers it a fresh face. A few of the not-so-pricey items you need to commit in when doing a surface-level bathroom remodeling include prefabricated shower units, bath tub or shower liners, bath refinishing, and easy-to-install wainscoting.

Option 2. Change the layout of your bathroom. Similar to how you will sometimes rearrange the placement of furniture in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom to give it a new feel, you can rearrange the plumbing fixtures in your bathrooms. This project is somewhat more difficult to take on than a surface-level remodel. Bathroom features including the sink, shower booth, bathtub, and cabinets are not easily moved, and will require confer with a qualified plumber, a father, and possibly an electrical contractor. Yet , once the experts are done, you save a little money by ordering things like towel holders and bars, shelves, rubbish cans, and miscellaneous bathroom accessories yourself. There will be a bigger in order to the overall look of your restrooms once you’re finished.

Choice 3. Be American – Make your bathroom bigger. Should you be feeling patriotic, and have the space to spare, you can prolong the area of your toilet and bath. It can as American as apple pie. If you only have a shower booth, you can tear down a non-load-bearing wall and give yourself a proper bathtub. If you already have a bathtub, strike out some closet space from the next room, and provide yourself a whirlpool tub. Whatever size bathroom you’ve got, there always are options for going bigger. (A sauna maybe…? )

Alternative 4. A complete bathroom overhaul. If nothing different can do it for you, almost always there is the final option of a complete renovate of your existing bathroom. Tear everything out, as a result of the bear studs, and completely redo the space. In the bathroom remodeling projects we have discussed, this is possibly the most tedious, the priciest and the most troublesome to you and your family. However, if done properly, you can make a perfect place that you can escape your everyday, and add thousands of us dollars to the value of your home.