Audi 2012: Technology Developments and Future Plans

This season, Audi has geared up to produce a strong showing that could possibly get all fans, especially new and used Audi owners, buzzing. Not only are there new and exciting models showing up at the local Audi dealer but also, there are big, company-wide programs for expansion. Audi A4 sway bar

Audi Hook up Makes Big Waves

Acquiring the first-ever “Connected Car of the Year” honor by Connected World publication, Audi’s A8 luxury four door comes equipped with the Audi hook up infotainment system (delivering music, video and Wi-Fi without distracting the driver) and cars with this Audi hook up system will be the only cars in the world that at the moment have broadband connection. 

A few exciting features of this system include Google Ground maps in the on-ship navigation system, real-time information from SiriusXM Traffic, Yahoo Local search integration for travel destination information, and a rolling Wi-Fi killer spot that allows access up to eight wireless devices simultaneously. This Audi system is available nowadays in other models besides the A8, for all of you future used Audi drivers to keep in mind. For additional information about this ground breaking system, check out a local Audi dealer.

Traffic traffic jam Assistant Technology Unveiled

An enjoyable new development that Audi is coming up with for your used Audi is the Traffic Quickly pull Assistant. The idea at the rear of this technology is, rather than constantly crawling and stopping in extreme rush hour traffic, you can relax and let your used Audi the actual driving a car for you.

This great system, which Audi presented at the International Customer Electronics Show in January, prompting the New You are able to Times to proclaim, “Audi Mounts Technology Blitz at C. E. S. very well, is founded on Audi’s adaptive sail control which helps drive the auto and accelerate and brake autonomously in gradual traffic up to 40 miles per hour. What is also fascinating about the Traffic Jam Associate is that is uses a superior system of adnger zone sensors, ultrasonic sensors and wide-angle video to keep an eye on not the particular car ahead, but the vehicles in front of it as well.

Though Audi’s Traffic Jam Assistant is not yet available via an Audi dealer, it’s a development that they are working on to be accessible on the A8 over the following few years.

Audi Spends in Manpower and Tools

Audi is very invested in staying on top of its game and left over on the leading border with these technological advancements and more. The vehicle manufacturer brought on 3, 500 new employees this past year, breaking their own selecting record. This coming season, Audi plans to bring on another 1, 2 hundred auto specialists to the team. There is also a push to make investments more money in broadening the infrastructure of the organization with new property, equipment and plant acquisitions between now and 2016. There’s also a strong emphasis on making an investment in new items and systems, such as electric and hybrid drive.

With all of these developments going up, it’s a great time to be a different Audi owner, or even a future Audi drivers, so be on the lookout for Audi’s new developments in the upcoming years.