Artist – Is It a Profession or a Hobby?

Do you really Believe this Myth?

There is also a widely accepted myth moving in our society that as an artist, especially a fine artist, is not a real profession. Intended for many years now the profession of artist has been diluted, undervalued and misunderstood. In fact, most artistic individuals have recently been told that they have to have a back up career because “you cannot possibly make it as an artist. ” So they get a degree or choose a career way in something besides artwork! art adesina

Do you believe the myth that you are not able to make a living as an artist? As a result, are you experiencing another job or job rather than being an artist regular? 

Musician and author Caroll Michels asks this compelling question: “Has a law college student ever been advised to adopt a lot of education courses to have something to fall back on? inch

I know that when I decided to have a business degree with an emphasis in accounting, I actually was never counseled to have a backup level just in case We couldn’t make a ‘go’ of accounting or business! Yet, all the time, artists are encouraged to have a backup plan.

To make matters worse, the creative fields of art and music have been removed altogether from many class curriculum’s so that it is practically impossible to get a proper round education and foundation in the arts. These times we have a great deal of emphasis (not to note financial support) put after the technical almost to the exclusion of the creative. With this emphasis has come the belief that art is not a valid profession or steady enough to warrant anyone being a full time artist, unless of course they choose to travel into the more traditional role of your teacher in a school or university environment.

But what of the artists who do not wish to teach or for that matter work for someone else? Think about all the wonderfully given, talented artists who were made to express in their fine art and make a living at it?

I was of the firm opinion that you may make a living, a comfortable, if not substantial living as an artist – yes, even against all odds – so my guidance should be to do it anyway

For what reason will i believe this? Mainly because many have done so.

Take, for instance, Amadea, who used to be in the healing field, a fabulous massage specialist until she made the decision to be an artist full time. Was it scary? She informed me yes. And yet, she stepped fully into her painting, broke through the myth that the girl could not be a full time artist and therefore has soared. Your woman soared into earning 6-figures and it didn’t take her a lifetime to obtain. In fact it had taken her below two years, once she made a decision to go full time. Was she an artist preceding to that particular? Yes, but not full time. She always relied after different ways to bring in income.

What does it take to be an designer full time? You will find 3 things you will need to released before you do so.

1. Forget about… The myth that you cannot make a good living as a complete time artist. Do not allow you to ultimately have an alternative plan, what many would call “Plan B. inches Let go of Program B and stick totally with Plan A – to be an designer. Period. No exceptions allowed. Stick to it until you be successful.

2. Let go of… Different occupations, careers or careers. You will find more artists working at draining, unfulfilling careers than ones who consider they can do their art all on it is own. Is that terrifying? Yes, it often is as Joyce Meyer tutorials us, “Do it afraid” but do it anyhow. How is anyone heading to believe it will be easy to be a full time artist understand what believe it?

3. Forget about… What other people tell you. There are numerous out there who will let you know that you cannot make a living as an specialist and that you must be crazy. They’ll try to convince you that you’ll starve. Actually it will probably be an artist who tells you that. Usually do not believe them. “Believing consist of peoples’ perceptions is a devastating trap, ” says Caroll Michels. It is time to trust in your own divine guidance. It is time to step into what you were put on this earth to do and create.

That may seem to be much easier to the actual path that everyone otherwise has taken or assume that you’ll want a backup plan. There are numerous artists who have done so but, there are many who are miserable with that choice. There exists nothing more heart sucking than doing something for a living that is NOT your keen gift.