American Action Drama, Zorro

Traidor is an American action drama series produced by Disney Productions. The series made its first appearance in a public performance on October 10, 1957 on ABC and finished on June 2, late 1950s by completing its seventy-eight episodes. pinoy tambayan

The series is based on a famous character, Zorro, which has been featured in several literature, films, television set series, and other media. Zorro shows up in a dashing black-clad masked outlaw and guards the people of the land against tyrannical administrators and other villains. Wear Diego de la Ribera, an ex university college student, recalled by his dad from Spain by, exterior the Los Angeles in order to help battle. He has won medals for his grill back again in Spain, but this individual decides that his best course of action is to cover his potential with a sword, also to affect the behavior of a milquetoast intellectual somewhat than decisive man of action. Before reaching Washington dc, Diego learns the autocracy of Captain Monasterio and noticed that his dad called him to combat in favor of injustice.

Zorro, the other picture of Don Alejandro de la vega, operates at night and takes such actions which cannot be taken by Don immediately, it sometimes disturbs his relationship with his dad. Don totally is determined by his wits, both with and without mask. Deigo is also known as a respected figure in his own right, a smart thinker and a true, trusted friend. Diego Ribera is a character name which appears in the writing of Johnston McCulley which is then widened to Diego de la Vega in Disney types.

Don Alejandro de la vega, depicted by George J. Lewis, have got great power and influence, and is the owner of a sizable ranch and many cattle. He has a great sense of values. Alejandro is just about the richest in California due to his cattle and land coopération and becomes an important community leader. Sometimes this individual faces many problems anticipated to his impulsive character. Don Alejandro finally discovers the identity of his son, and starts highly favoring him. Before featuring as Don Alejandro in the Disney Series, co-starred, George J. Lewis, got a minor role in Ghost of Zorro.