2010 Wrestling Toys by Mattel

For the begining of 2010, WWE and Mattel came into an agreement for the manufacture of a brand new distinctive line of WWE action figures. The new wrestler figures which are being created by Mattel will give a series of great toys for children, and wrestler likeness figures for serious collectors. These action numbers released in 2010 are specially created to look the same as the WWE superstars that many fans root for at live events or on pro wrestling television set shows. Fans will be able to acquire and enjoy figures of their favorite stars like David Cena, The Undertaker, Monarca Mysterio, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Top 10 WWE Toys

You will have several series of the new Mattel WWE figures with new wrestlers being released throughout 2010. These include the Wrestlemania Heritage series, Elite series, Basics 2-Packs, and FlexForce. FlexForce features action figures whose hands and legs swivel and snap for action-packed play fighting moves such as moves, punches and more. The Entrance Greats Series are another great lineup of collectible figures featuring wrestlers in classic ring dress such as Shawn Michaels in his all white outfit, or Triple L dressed with a top and robe to stand for the “King of Kings”. You can also get two special play fighting rings which have recently been created with the Organic and Smackdown logos on the side aprons just like concert events have. 

With the new Mattel WWE action figures it looks like the toy manufacturer and sports entertainment company will have a winning product on industry. This first series probably will become a highly valuable item which will be hard to find in stores. Fans will finally be able to actually get their hands on their favorite wrestlers, and control the action inside miniature rings. Serious enthusiasts will also be able to proudly display these rare, unopened collectibles in their special collections and pass them into future generations of wrestling enthusiasts.